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Meet Our Team

Our Team has over 90 years of culinary and scientific expertise in food and beverage product development.
Dr. Jonathan Gordon

Dr. Jonathan Gordon, Founder & President

Dr. Gordon has over 35 years of food industry experience.

For nine years he was a professional chef and pastry chef, running restaurants on three continents. After obtaining a B.S. in Food Science and a Doctoral degree in Chemical and Process Engineering (both from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland) he was hired into the fast-track management training program with Kraft Jacobs Suchard in Germany. He was then promoted to run the international research division for Kraft Food Ingredients in Memphis, TN.

After travelling the globe for two years working with every multinational food manufacturer and many major national brands, he moved to White Wave Inc., where he was in charge of all production and R&D (and invented ‘Silk’ soymilk). He went on to become a senior scientist and research team manager for Firmenich, a multinational flavor house.

He has worked globally in multiple food, beverage and supplement areas. His particular expertise lies in natural and organic product development and he has been responsible for the development of some of the most technically challenging products in the Natural Foods arena.

Bill Willis, COO

Bill Willis, COO

Mr. Willis is a highly successful business builder.

His 35+ year career has focused on growing companies by attracting new customers through distinctive products and services that satisfy needs and solve problems better than the competition.

He is a leader and organization developer directly involved in both strategy and implementation. He has led a number of successful turnarounds and expansions that have resulted in profitable growth for his organizations. Mr. Willis has extensive marketing and sales experience in the food industry with leading companies including PepsiCo, Pillsbury, and H.J. Heinz.

Prior to joining Glasgow in 2014, he was Vice President – Marketing & Sales for two privately owned food manufacturers and importers. He also has broader experience in the consumer products and business services industries in general management roles. He was an international division President at Reader’s Digest Association, and President/COO of two privately-owned business service companies. Mr. Willis earned an MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management.

Lea Rubinstein, Director of Product Development

Lea Rubinstein, Director of Product Development

Lea has a B.S. in Food Science and Nutrition and over 15 years of experience in creative product development. She has worked on multiple nutritionally fortified products such as high protein, low carbohydrate and other specialized beverages, nutrition bars, baked goods (including gluten and allergen free) and supplements. She also has expertise in dry blending, dairy analog development (beverages and cheeses), carbonated beverages, dairy products and seafood. Products that she has developed have won numerous ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Product of the Year’ awards.

Katie Hyland, Director of Laboratory & Technical Services

Katie has 20+ years of food product and process development in the retail, industrial and food service segments. She earned her A.O.S in Culinary Arts and B.S. in Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University. After working in the culinary field for several years she attended the University of Rhode Island and earned her B.S. in Food Science and Nutrition.

Katie has been Director of Research and Development and Organic Compliance at Stonyfield Farm, and R&D Manager at Concord Foods.  She has managed and developed teams of food scientists across diverse product categories including organic cultured dairy, ice cream, juice, dressings and sauces, bakery fillings, beverage syrups, and caramel and confectionary centers. Additionally, she has Quality Assurance experience and is HACCP certified.

Abby Gordon, Technical Support Manager

Abby has 8 years of experience with Glasgow Consulting Group. She joined the company as a Lab Technician and was promoted to Technologist. She now manages all aspects of our projects, training, sourcing ingredients, regulatory compliance etc. Abby has experience supervising plant trials and production runs for our clients. In the lab, she has an excellent palate and works on flavoring and formulation projects.

Grayson deBlasi - Scientist

Grayson deBlasi, Scientist

Grayson graduated from the University of Tampa, Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science, Biology, and Physics in 2010. He returned to college (Johnson & Wales University) and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Nutrition in 2016, which included studies in culinary arts, nutrition, and food science. He has worked in several professional kitchens and laboratories.

Aaron Oakes – Scientist

Aaron earned a B.S. degree in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts and a M.S. degree in Food Science from North Carolina State University.  Before joining Glasgow he worked as a product development scientist for both Unilever and Keurig Green Mountain.  He has experience with spray drying, food powders, rheology, and has published research on peanut protein extraction and hydrolysis.

Nathan Silva – Scientist

Nathan graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Nutrition, which included studies in culinary arts, nutrition, and food science. He has worked in numerous professional kitchens and R&D settings, including the Chef Services Group and the Bay Club of Mattapoisett. Nathan has experience in ingredient sourcing as well as savory, sweet, and beverage projects.

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